BioRestore, Inc. is the top indoor air quality company in the southeast. We have over 40 years experience in the restoration and remediation industry, protecting homes, offices, and schools since 1984!
Our commitment is to solve air quality and moisture issues for our customers in residential and commercial structures. We are determined to be a support system for families, institutions and companies in protecting their customers, themselves, and their properties
Based in the Greater Atlanta area, BioRestore has offices in Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Texas. We are able to offer our clients testing, evaluations, protocols, remediation, demolition, and reconstruction. We provide our services on a national foot print. This enables us to provide excellent service while maintaining our strict code of ethics and customer service regulations.

Why use BioRestore?

Our product is an all natural organic enzyme. This product looks at mold as a food source and consumes the mold and the harmful toxins produced. Our mission is to make buildings and homes safe. We identify and classify multiple health hazards relating to biological toxins. Our trained professional technicians work to remove the identified risk factors (toxic mold, fungi) associated with negatively affecting human health. We have our 5 phase service program. This program helps to ensure a safe indoor environment for our customers.

Our Owners

Matt Moree

Matt was raised in Leesburg, Georgia. He is married to the love his life Stacy Moree. They have been happily married for over 16 years and have three beautiful children that they adore. Matt has resided in the Gwinnett area for over 10 years. He enjoys playing golf and many other sports. Matt also loves traveling with his family. Some of their favorite places are the Florida coast and the North Appalachian mountains. He is also an amateur chef who enjoys smoking and grilling with his Green Egg grills. Matt first started in the restoration business out of necessity when many of his friends and families lost their homes in massive flooding on two occasions in the mid 90s. This was a baptism by fire situation with the devastation of south Georgia. Matt helped many with the work of their homes and in relief efforts. Matt holds many industry standard licenses coupled with his real world experience enables him to provide great service and support for our staff and our customers.

Jonathan Giles

Jonathan grew up in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. He is newly married to Blanca Giles. He loves playing sports and doing anything outdoors including hunting and fishing. Matt and Jonathan debate over who is the better cook and golfer. Jonathan is a 2nd generation Indoor Air Quality Specialist. He has been raised in the mold, asbestos, lead abatement and water damage business all of his life. His father is an industry leader and operated a large company in the area before relocating to Florida where the beautiful coast was calling. Jonathan was able to take this experience and build upon it with his own excellent skill sets and attention to detail. Jonathan has been a leader in the Atlanta air quality market for over 15 years. Always staying at the forefront of changes in the industry and applying the latest technology to ensure that his customers are always provided the best service.